Space Adventure Exhibition
A Project by the Insight Lab @ Imagine RIT  - May 2012

We will display the universe onto three screens in front of an individual through the use of projectors. Using an interactive element, people can navigate the screen projections by moving their arms and hands to control the view. Visitors can use their voices to direct themselves to planets or other special sites in our galaxy that would be interesting to see. This interactive presentation will provide educational information about the planets, our sun, special events such as the upcoming Venus Transit, and many more.


The Experience

Visitors will enter the room and engage in a visceral interactive exploration of the Milky Way galaxy. Each session will begin with an explanation of the Venus transit as well as other phenomena occurring in our galaxy. Visitors will learn about all eight planets, as well as the sun and Pluto and extract key information and fun facts about each of them. They will be introduced to motion controls they can use to explore the galaxy for themselves. From here the visitors have free reign over what is to be explored and where the spaceship’s next destination will be.

What is it all about ?