Science Exploration Technology

What is Science Exploration Technology?

To put it simply, Insight Lab SET projects allow people to explore our reality in ways they have never seen before.

We don't write textbooks or give lectures... we're a group of engineers and scientists who are devoted to creating, maintaining, and improving technology that allows unique, immersive, educational, and FUN experiences for users and bystanders alike.

We can grant you the power to fly through the solar system and hold planets in the palm of your hand with Space Adventure, without ever needing to hold a controller or touch any equipment. See a model representation of the sun at any angle, and look at it in several different visual ways, with the Digital Solar Explorer. Gain a concept for how small the building blocks of life can be, compared to how large the Universe is, and everything in between, with Scales of the Universe. Those are just a few examples of the many SET projects the Insight Lab curates.

SET focuses on making all of our immersive science exploration projects reproducible, maintainable, expandable, tinker-able, inexpensive, and easy to use. Through version control practices, a heavy focus on documentation procedures, code reviews, reliance on open source software, and feedback from users, we accomplish these goals.

Watch Footage of One of Our SET Projects in Action!