Family Science

Encouraging families to support each other's science learning

Family Science is about families enjoying learning together. This family-oriented type of learning encourages families to work together, using the individual strengths of each family member. Not only do the children learn from the lessons, but the parents learn as well through their cooperation. Families not only learn about the topics being taught; the families discover how their children learn so that they can better implement teaching methods at home. The fact that the parents and children are not always together allows either the children to teach the parents about what they learned or vice-versa. This encourages idea sharing and question asking which is key for young learners to experience. It also reinforces the bonds between the parent/child pair by creating a team setting in which they must work together to solve common problems as equals.

Watch Insight Lab Director Jake Noel-Storr discuss Family Science programs on CosmoQuest's weekly "Learning Space" Google Hangout